Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jumping For Joy

I am jumping up and down right now. Yesterday I went to Cato's and bought a pair of sweats. They are 18/20. I told dh that they are my new goal pants. I want to be able to fit in them. Well I tried them on the am to see how far I need to go and THEY FIT!!! They actually fit. They were a little tight on the mommy pouch but other than that they fit perfectly!! I decided to try on a shirt that dh got for free over the weekend. The shirt is an XL, it also fit. Not a fit that you want to wear out in public but a I can actually fit in an XL shirt. If, no I mean when I loose another 5lbs and a couple of inches I am going to fit much better in the clothing.

Now I am know what size to go buy some new tshirts....XL!!! I need new shirts desperately. All of mine have stains and look like they are left over maternity shirts. I have had some for 7 years. I think that I have gotten my money's worth.

On another note I am also in a size 20 bathing suit!!! That is huge for me being that I live at the beach. I think that the next greatest thing will be when I can fit in an 16. That is my next goal!!! I better start saving some $$$$.

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