Friday, June 5, 2009

Garden Photos

I took these pictures about 10 days ago. I just have not had the chance to get them up yet.

Unfortunately that night we had a bad thunderstorm with hail. The next morning 2 of my yellow squash plants died. I am not sure if it was the storm or if they were just done producing. From my 4 yellow squash plants we had at least 20 squash. I was hoping to get more, but hey that is ok. I still have 2 plants and one is starting to produce again. I will say that these squash took over their beds. They choked out hubby's raspberry tree (he planted them in the bed, not me. I wanted them to be next to the blueberry tree). Right now my patty pan squash is doing wonderful. My tomatoes are ok, they need a little TLC. I will say that one of my tomato plants has 14 bunches of roma tomatoes. My mouth is watering thinking about getting into them. Yummy!!!

Some might remember our compost pumpkins from last year. This year we have more things growing in our compost pile. I think that they are pumpkins, but I am not sure.

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