Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Savings and Budgets

I did not know anything about finances growing up. I did not save a thing. I did not think about retirement or living on a budget. I grew up in a house where money was not discussed. I thought that bill collectors calling were normal.I did not know that my mom had to go back to work because we were on the verge of losing our house.

It is my goal to learn as much as I can. I want to learn about setting up a budget (and sticking to it) and saving for our retirement. Like many Americans, my husband pension has taken a hit in the stock market lately. He lost a lot of money this past year. I would also love to pay off our truck before it is due. I also need to start saving for our vacation in the fall.

I am going to tackle each of these as a different post.

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Kelly said...

I've been very focused on getting the big things paid off this year too. I started reading Dave Ramsey, and following his steps. It is very easy, and we feel we are making progress. Might be worth a try.


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