Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Am Poem

I have been organizing our school paperwork. I recently found a poem that the children and I did a few months ago. It is called I Am Poem. You fill in the blanks. The children did a really good job. You can view theirs over at Learning Adventures. I thought that I would share mine. I had my children help me with the first line.

I Am Poem

I am beautiful and smart
I wonder what my kids will grow up to be
I hear faeries laughing
I see faeries
I want to live to see my grandkids
I am beautiful and smart
I pretend to be perfect
I feel an angel's kiss
I touch a rainbow
I worry about the future
I cry when my family is sad
I am beautiful and smart
I understand that no one is perfect
I say you can do anything, if you try
I dream about life after kids
I try to be a good person
I hope that my kids are happy
I am beautiful and smart.

I learned a lot about my children through their poems. They gave me somethings to think about. I am going to have them redo their poems this week. I am interested to see how their thoughts and feelings have changed.

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