Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is How I Spent the Morning...

I am not a very good dental patient. I was in the chair for 3hrs getting a deep clean. There is a more technical term, but it rather gross. I can only have soft foods. I cannot talk too much because it is painful! The kids LOVE it!! My sweetie has taken very good care of me today. He has given me medicine, taken the kids out many times so that I could rest and even made me some yummy mashed potatoes. He has taken the kiddos for bike rides, to the store and right now they are at the playground do that I can rest. He is definitely one in a million!!

photo courtesy of here.


Are we there yet? said...

Oh sweety I hope you feel better soon. I will be thinking about you and just know I know how you feel. Hope you heal quickly!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, three hours would be horrible! Hope you get feeling better soon, it is the pits when your mouth hurts.

Thanks for stopping by my blogs and leaving so many kind words! I am jealous that you are already picking strawberries!


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