Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Goals

Fitness goals:
Do netflix video: 30 mins Done..I did the Leslie Sansone for 41 min.
Wii Fit: 30 minutes
Drink 8 glasses of water
Get the kids active for 30 minutes... Done
Keep track of my food intake for the day...Done too many carbs & cholestoral

tame Mt. Laundry..working on it
clean bathroom
clean bedroom
vacuum Squirrel's room...working on it
take out sewing machine
plant a few seedlings & weed garden-DONE

work on cross stitch for 30 minutes
read for 30 minutes

breakfast: scrambled eggs, has browns & veggie sausage
Lunch: tofu salad
dinner: easy eggplant, salad and orzo. I might add some bread.
Make Ahead:
spaghetti sauce for tomorrow night...Change of plans.

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