Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I had this for a roomie...

When I first moved in with Fire Rat he had a pet. It was only a lizard, nothing major. Well we were wrong. Dookie was 5ft long when I moved into the little apartment. See...just a little lizard. NOT.
This is not Dookie. This is a lizard that we saw last week at Cypress Garden. Back to our story. One night we went back to bed and Dookie was missing. We could not find Dookie anywhere. We were moving furniture at 3am trying to find it (did I mention that we lived in a 3rd floor apartment?). We finally found it under our dresser. Dookie escaped a couple more times. We took Dookie to an reptile park. While there we learned that Dookie was a female. She was made because I took her man away. She was very, very possive of Fire Rat. She was very destructive of my things. She escaped one other time and trashed my clothes. She clawed and knocked over anything with my scent on it. Needless to say we needed to find her a new home. I never knew that lizards would be possessive of their humans.

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